Power tiller manufacturer-Bharat Steel Industries

power tiller manufacturer
power tiller manufacturer

Bharat Steel Industries originated in the year 1969. We manufacture and supply a wide assortment of agricultural and automotive parts in a wide range. We are also one of the biggest power tiller manufacturer. The power tiller was launched by our company “Bharat Steel Industries” to fulfill the need of tiller. The power tiller should be at least 50kgs lighter than its flagship 15HP model and it should do all its work.

Power tiller manufacturer that is Bharat steel industries has manufactured rotary portion in such a manner that it does its job without any difficulty. It also serves well even in the extreme risky soil and land conditions. The engine of these power tillers is influenced by the modern technologies which establish trust of the farmers.

The high performing Power Tillers machines manufacture by Bharat Steel Industries is also known for other agricultural and engineering parts. We are continuously pursuing the approach of total customer satisfaction. We also provide customizations in which we customize the equipment according to the requirement of the user and fulfill their needs. The power tiller machine can also be used in multitasking operations. The company also provides other optional accessories to choose from.

The mini power tiller machines are majorly used in Bund Forming, Weeding and Ridging. It can be used during both dry land and wetland cultivation of paddy crop. With the use of appropriate attachment, it does its job well for cultivation and de-weeding of land for horticulture and plantation crops also.